Nicola MacNeil

Sunrise Brings With It The Hope Of Tomorrow


Artist's Story:

The world was like a game of cats cradle that got completely tangled somewhere, but it felt less broken up here. She found peace in solitude and spent many hours in quiet reflection. She told the setting sun what was on her heart, and it carried her wishes for the world down with it as it sunk behind the mountains- the sunrise would bring with it hope for tomorrow.

This piece is a print on art paper. 

Dimensions: 8 x 10"

Nicola MacNeil is an artist enthralled by storytelling. Her work experience includes public service associate at the Vancouver Public Library and program coordinator at Urban Source. Urban Source is a well-known, artist's eden in Vancouver. Through the resources of her professional career, she has been able to lose herself in a story or craft quite often. 

Honing a craft was not her intention, but the magic happened when she realized she could write and make art simultaneously. A book is always her method of relaxation, but when it comes to expression, she envelops herself in her art, particularly her collages. 

Fine Art Paper


High Quality Art Prints on Fine Art Paper 
  • Its hard to find a better quality
  • Eco friendly: water based non-toxic inks printed on FSC certified photo paper
  • Giclee (inkjet) method for a continuous tone 
  • Vibrant colours
  • 308 GSM 
  • Cotton fine-art photo rag
  • Excellent print longevity
  • Supposedly has 200 plus years of fade resistance
  • Shipped in a protective tube


Print Quality of Collage


Print Quality God She Was Beautiful 





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