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Does my freedom to buy anything I want, at anytime, at any cost, stomp on the freedom of others? Your liberty, mine, and ours together will all be different, it doesn’t have to be a fully collective agreement. But if we recognize the difficulties we are personally facing in this largely competitive, individualistic society, maybe we can also recognize that other’s feel them too. 
Are total equality and equal rights the same thing? And does the equality of some, affect the freedom of others? 
What makes you feel alive? If you were given one million dollars, how would you spend it? Would it make you happy? Does saving money and sharing money provide different sensations and evoke different emotions in your brain?
Why are polarizing public figures important in our society, what do they do for their followers, their opposition, and to the average layman who could care less? Should everyone be censored or should they be free to act on and say whatever they want. Is the term "Freedom of speech" really an accurate description of what it entails in our society?
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