Hi, I am Steph.

I have been working in the fashion design industry for ten years but I am now at a crossroads. I love sculpting pieces with my hands but creating new things, in a world full of unwanted things, feels wasteful.

Then there's my sister, Nicola.

She is an artist enthralled by storytelling. Honing a craft was not her intention, but the magic happened when she realized she could write and make art simultaneously. A book is always her method of relaxation, but when it comes to expression, she envelops herself in her art, particularly her collages.


I love space , progress, cognitive human development, and thinking of things far beyond our reach. 

She hates thinking about any of those things and spirals into a panic when thinking about the deep ocean. 

Ocean Waves Vintage Photography
Love From 4000KM Between Us 

We are two very separate people but we are each other's biggest fans. We live apart so we always try communicating in different ways- like sending photos, or song lyrics, or dance videos. We started a blog called "Love From 4000KM Between Us" to keep in touch in 2013, but with the burdening load of life building up to our thirties, it became easier to text. Yes, we know the blog title doesn't make grammatical sense. 


Through this site, we are hoping to explore the challenges we face as creators, consumers, and as humans.

Living slowly is a lifestyle we want to promote and learn more about. To me, it means acknowledging and observing everything I use. I use my hands to create, I use my mouth to taste, I use my art to feel. In my opinion it brings me into the present. It makes living more thoughtful. 

As a team of two sisters, our dream is to collect and discuss art- of all forms. We are conscious creators, but we also sell items that align with our philosophy. We are working with a small team of creatives to create an e-commerce market that is thoughtful, and interactive. We are both introverts but we get a lot of joy from thoughtful human interaction.


We would love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts, essays, concepts, art, photos, short stories, feelings, etc. We value human connection in everything we do. We hope you can feel that connection when you visit our site. 


Hope for the future peace for the past