Liberty Crossroads

Deep Pink Wool Jacket

I made this wool jacket using a vintage wool blanket. I set out to repurpose wool blankets without a purpose. Wool is an incredibly sustainable fabric and only grows stronger with age (just keep the moths away).

I’m so extremely proud to be offering sustainable and ethically-made jackets that are high quality and that support my local economy.

This jacket is a unisex design. This particular jacket is a size large, however I can make this into a smaller size if need be.

These are all made in a small Toronto production facility. As the designer, I hired a small team of 7 sewers at a small production facility only 10 minutes from my studio. They are well looked after and the company uses very fair and ethical practices.

All of the vintage wool blankets were found in south western Ontario, which keeps the process very local.

Due to the nature of vintage wool blankets there may be a few small discrepancies on your jacket. But wool is such a strong fibre and can be easily mended.

It is not lined. They are itchy for people sensitive to wool.

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