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Why Choose Liberty Crossroads?

Our liberty shouldn't have to be gained at the expense of another's. We just wanted the simple pleasure of purchasing pieces that look and feel good without the negative social and environmental implications.


Why Vintage?

You can feel good about buying vintage and keeping that much more clothing out of the landfill. In a world of waste, find your treasure.


Fresh Finds Just For You

Our pieces are hand picked to give you the cream of the crop. We only choose the best fabric qualities, and prints that we know a clothing connoisseur would endorse. As for our home goods, we also choose high quality pieces that are often stamped by the original artist.


Feel Good

We all have to live our lives without thinking of every tiny ripple we cast. Shopping for vintage and hand made pieces was a way for us to do that. We wanted to offer guilt free shopping to you in hopes that the other decisions in your life will be made easier.

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